Zuva Gallery during their open house
African Sculptures on table
Zuva Gallery during their open house


Zuva Gallery was founded and previously owned by Tom and Mary Kay Obert. The couple was introduced to the Shona stone sculptures during a visit to the Southern African country of Zimbabwe over 25 years ago. They were mesmerized by the beauty of this art and its history thus they opened a gallery back home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Zuva gallery has since then committed to importing fine African Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe to the USA. It has also been a great instrument in assisting art lovers in finding stunning, sculptures that stand out in any collection.

Our gallery has worked with numerous celebrities and has facilitated the handover and sale of sculptures to legends like Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali. Zuva Gallery holds decades of experience and a wealth of expertise in sourcing and importing stone sculptures. The gallery has also been a valuable avenue for supporting sculptors, their families and children.

In recent years, Zuva has changed ownership. The gallery is now owned by Zimbabwean born and raised entrepreneur, Peter Kadada, who greatly shares Tom and Mary Kay’s love for Africa, family, and giving. Zuva Gallery continues to be a link between exceptional Shona stone sculptors and international buyers who view art as an investment. Our family oriented team are committed to continue providing carefully curated sculptures and to supporting sculptors. Our team is also very dedicated to providing the international community with information on Shona stone sculpture and its history. It is indeed a great honor to carry on with the excellent and generous legacy of Zuva gallery.


Peter is extremely passionate about helping the artists back in his home in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Owning Zuva Gallery has given him the opportunity to help the artists give back to the community. This also allows him time to travel back home.

When the previous owner, Tom, decided to retire, Peter made the easy decision to buy Zuva Gallery as he was already friends with the artists. He met his wife in 2017 in Zimbabwe, and they got married in Southern Africa a couple years later. In 2021, Peter and Colleen are now parents to their son, Cooper Kadada.

Peter is the definition of an entrepreneur. His degree in business has given him the tools needed for him to start and sell multiple businesses in Zimbabwe. He has gained a lot of valuable experience that he has put to use after taking on Zuva Gallery. Peter has so many favorite pieces, and a love for each and every sculpture. It’s his mission to introduce this beautiful African art to collectors and others who have a love for these stone sculptures.

Tom and Peter with Zuva Gallery's Sculpture