Taurai Mpaso headshot

About the Artist

Taurai Mpaso

Taurai Mpaso has great passion for the owl and his work is mainly focused on carving owl stone sculptures. Taurai makes many different sizes and textures. This picture shows a roughcut owl with heavy polishing of the eye and talon features.

In many African traditions, including the Shona culture of Zimbabwe, the owl is feared and disliked as a creature of darkness. It is said that the owl is used for witchcraft, it is often thought of as a signal for pending misfortune or death.

Other cultures contradict this notion. In Greek mythology, the owl is said to be the goddess of wisdom. In Japan, people often carry owl charms for good luck, protection or relief from suffering.

Taurai is one of the few Zimbabwean artists who try to show the lighter side of owls. His sculptures often depict the friendly and peaceful nature of owls.