Shona stone sculptures have progressively become an extremely important part of modern homes. These sculptures are not easily placed in homes as conventional paintings thus a little help and guidance go a long way.

Most Shona stone art galleries have curators assigned to seek out the best sources of art, and a great curator would know and also be willing to share the story behind the sculpture and the sculptor. With assistance from the right curators purchasing a Shona stone sculpture or sculptures and finding them a suitable space within your home may end up being an informative and fun event.
The price of any stone sculpture would highly depend on its origins, material used (type of stone), the popularity of the artist and, the size of the sculpture. Though it is easier to buy stone sculptures from chain stores where there is mass production of the same piece to add a little elegance one could choose to purchase directly from an artist or a gallery.

Spaces one can decorate with Shona stone sculptures

When using Shona stone sculpture to decorate one has to decide whether they want the piece to be a focal point or if it should be on the periphery of the room. Sculptures are often a great conversation starter or enhancer, definitely, an accent one can use to entice their guests.

Huge and luxurious rooms can be adorned with traditional or modern day Shona stone sculptures. The homeowner has to decide whether they will get traditional sculptures or more modern abstract pieces. Minimalists can focus on abstract pieces with larger dimensions.

The size of the sculpture is essential as a huge room could make use of one big sculpture as the focal point, or it could have smaller sculptures put in different parts of the space. A combination of both large a smaller pieces could be possible but will need more caution. One would have to be careful not to clutter the room thus losing the uniqueness of each piece.
Since living rooms are for everyday use it is important that pieces of art placed in these rooms promote relaxation. Shona stone sculptures have mastered the art of depicting human emotions thus one can choose sculptures of joyous individuals, couples or families to lighten up their living room. There are also numerous Shona sculptures that promote serenity or symbolise the protection of the household that can be placed in living rooms.

The focal areas of most dining rooms are at the dining table or around it. A homeowner can place a sculpture at the centre of the table and have smaller pieces placed far apart within the same room. Stone sculptures in dining areas help warm up the space and give guests pleasant corners to look at.

Home workspaces are pretty much a part of most modern homes. They became more essential during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2019. Most people found themselves working from home and in need of spaces that provided inspiration to be creative during the lockdown. While the rate of infections subsides others remain in their home workspaces. Shona sculptures of spirit animals such as the lion, elephant, eagle, and owl can be very inspiring to different individuals. These can be found in desk size or shelve size if one has a shelve in their work area. Stone in itself is a great material for the workspace as it provides a solid appearance almost resembling an unbreakable spirit.

Small cosy modern apartment owners can also enjoy the beauty of Shona stone sculpture in their living spaces. The stone sculptures can help add an extra dimension to your space.
Shona stone sculptures can be added to the outdoor areas of homes. One can choose a piece or pieces that dominate the outdoor space. This would be for those who are not afraid of large sculptures that make a statement and bring an artsy feeling to their gardens or courtyards. These sculptures are even better if one leaves space to walk around the sculpture and view it from all angles.

Previous uses of Shona stone sculpture

Shona stone sculptures are known to have held much spiritual significance amongst the Shona people of Zimbabwe. They were used for rituals and as a representation of the many spirits that were credited for maintaining balance in the lives of the Shona. Compared to modern-day Shona sculptures the older versions of Shona sculptures were scarcely made and often found in sacred spaces such as king’s residences and sacred mountains. However, Shona stone sculpture has evolved to become a craft many families engage in as a tradition and means of survival in modern day Zimbabwe. Shona stone sculpture has also become an emblem of national pride and a considerable number of sculptors have maintained its spiritual significance.

Common themes in Shona stone sculpture

Although Shona stone sculpture is an old craft the modern day Shona stone sculpture movement has seen the sculptures become more neutral and universal.

In many traditions and religions, animals are often considered to bring prosperity. In the Shona culture, one’s totem is often their guardian animal. For those without totems, one could choose an animal they feel represents their inner beast. Channelling the character of the animal and incorporating it into their daily lives.

The mother and child theme in Shona stone sculptures is also very famous. It is almost as common as the theme of a mother’s love for her child in any culture.

Many modern Shona stone sculptors have also taken a great focus on love. One is bound to end up with a love-themed sculpture within their home.

Sculptures with feminist themes have also gained traction over the years. These have also begun to take a leading role and provide a provocative twist to any living space often giving sensual energy to their environments.

It is important to emphasize the wide variety of pieces available in Shona stone sculpture. From the very traditional Shona stone sculptures that build or portray culture in any room to the more contemporary pieces bring an air of sophistication to the space. The less artsy individuals can even select small cute abstract pieces that fit smaller spaces. Shona stone sculptures can do wonders in aesthetics and can impact the daily lives of residents. The stone adds warmth to living spaces. The sculptures also carry the spirit of the places they were made, allowing individuals to often travel to these lands without living their homes.

Zuva Gallery takes pleasure in helping individuals access beautiful stone pieces imported from Zimbabwe. We would also gladly assist you with placing the sculptures and adding value to your home.