Zuva gallery specialises in placing exceptional sculptures in extraordinary landscapes and interiors. The art works are made of the hardest stone and are easy to maintain. Our Shona stone sculptures are imported directly from Zimbabwe to the USA. All the art work is hand made by local sculptors. The pieces at Zuva gallery are curated by the owner Peter Kadada who often travels between Zimbabwe and the USA to ensure he acquires authentic art from the countries most skilled and intriguing sculptors. Our gallery ensures that all sculptors are fairly compensated for their pieces and we work tirelessly to promote the artists and the stone sculpting community in Zimbabwe.

Address: 42 Easy Street Suite 4e, Carefree, AZ 85377
Phone number: 310-433-4465
Email addresspeter@zuvagallery.com

  • Walk ins
    We are currently housed at 42 Easy Street Suite 4e, Carefree, AZ 85377. All are welcome to view or purchase Tuesday – Sunday 10am-7pm.

  • Pictures
    On request we can provide more photos and details on  the color and texture of the sculptures.

  • Orders
    We update our website regularly to ensure we have an accurate representation of  the art works in our gallery, however, pieces showing on our website may not always be available. We may have to confirm orders directly with clients.

  • Refunds
    In the unfortunate case that you are not pleased with a piece purchased from our gallery, we are willing to give a refund  within 30 days of the purchase on condition that the paper work is provided and the sculpture is in the same condition it was purchased. We can not make refunds for transportation, delivery or any other cost.