Is Sculpture Right For Your Venue?

Zuva Productions wants to talk with you about your special venue or public space and how we can create an art event that will help drive traffic and create an enjoyable experience for your clients and guests.


In recent years installations of Zimbabwean stone sculpture have successfully provided an enriching focus to sculpture parks, botanic gardens and other similar public or commercial venues here in the U.S. and around the globe. Sculpture shows in these types of locations have been extraordinarily well received and have breathed new life into flagging attendance numbers. Most importantly, they have provided unique experiences and created memories that are the subject of animated conversation for years to come.


In these days of increased public health awareness, it's clear we need creative solutions that bring people back to our businesses and community centers, safely and enjoyably.


Zuva Productions brings the innovative solutions needed to provide an enriching and entertaining event that satisfies, while at the same time accommodating adjustments to social distance, crowd size and traffic flow. 


Going forward, both indoor and outdoor events that capture the imagination but also have plenty of room for people to circulate freely will be the most compelling. We invite you to consider how a sculpture event might make a difference in revitalizing your venue or public space and then contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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