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Dear Friends Old and New,

There isn't one among us who hasn't had (isn't having) a most unprecedented year. Our hearts go out to those who have themselves suffered during the pandemic as well as those who are grieving the tremendous losses of these past 6 months. 

As challenging as these past months have been for us, and for those we know locally and across the U.S., we are aware that other places are far worse off than we are. Both in terms of the basic health issues and the economic impacts of the pandemic, our artist friends in Zimbabwe are facing a situation that is, in fact, much more dire than ours.

We believe that this is a time for everyone to do what they can for each other—and then maybe just a little bit more. It is in that spirit that we have re-developed this website to help maintain the economic engine that supports not only the friends we have among the sculpture artists of Zimbabwe, but also their families and surrounding communities.

We know that sometimes what matters most is the opportunity for honest, productive work and the dignity that comes from doing it. That's especially true for these artists and the art they create to support themselves. We're committed to doing our part so that they can continue to do their work.


We also continue to just love the sculpture, and hope that you will, too.


Thomas J. Obert


ZUVA Productions

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